The Golden Heart closed well over a hundred years ago, in about 1896. It was situated at 224 High Street and has long been demolished.  The exact location has been lost under Poole Way, but the property was later renumbered 413 Lower High Street and the premises was later in use as a butchers’ shop.  (John Smith in 1926 and Geoff Manners in 1955). Alfred T. Gynn is listed at the address in 1955 as a painter.

Immediately to the left of the premises was the Parrot Inn at 225 High Street. There is only one reference to the Parrot Inn in 1870 and both pubs, although apparently short-lived, were probably not contemporary with each other.

Charles Garton & Co., of Lawrence Hill in Bristol were the owners of the Golden Heart in 1891. The Bristol brewers also owned the Shakespeare Inn on the opposite side of the High Street. The annual rateable value of the alehouse was £25.10s.0d. The Anglo-Bavarian Brewery of Shepton Mallet in Somerset acquired the business of Gartons in 1898, perhaps the Golden Heart was deemed surplus to their requirements and the licence was surrendered.

Courtesy Martin Edwards

Landlords at the Golden Heart include:

1844, 1851 Elizabeth Long (aged 61 in 1851)

1856,1859 James Brookes

1870 Richard Barnett

1878,1885 James Barrett

1891 William Valentine Butcher

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