The Golden Cross Inn was located on the junction with the Tewkesbury Road and Townsend Street, literally within crawling distance of the Adam and Eve. The Golden Cross closed in 1972 to make way for road widening and was demolished.

The Adam & Eve is just out of shot on the far right.
Demolition of the Golden Cross. Copied from a Facebook post. Photographer unknown.
With thanks to Vic Cole.

The licensing returns records of 1891 list Mrs Williams as the owner of the Golden Cross Inn. The premise license was for a beer house with an annual rateable value of £27.5s.0d. The Golden Cross was leased to the Cheltenham Original Brewery. The local brewery had bought the pub outright 12 years later in 1903 when it was part of their expanding tied estate. For some inexplicable reason the annual rateable value in 1903 (according to the data) had decreased by seven pounds to £20.5s.0d.

Landlords at the Golden Cross include:

1844 John Thornett (Golden Cross, Townsend Place)

1870 B. Brookes (Cross Inn, Townsend Street)

1878 E. Sprackman

1883 J.T. Hayward

1891 Ann Hayward (owner Mrs Williams)

1903,1926 John Davis

1968-1969 Victor Ware

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