Near the Great Western Railway station. The 1936 address of the Gloucester Hotel is the G.W.R. approach.

The building is still standing and is now in commercial use. It is opposite the Station Hotel (which was the Wellington Hotel). The front elevation has been altered. The main entrance on the corner of the property is now a window but the side door nearest the railway station has very faint writing ‘licensed to sell beer, wines and spirits on or off the premises’ (or words to that effect). Believed to be tied to Arnold Perrett & Co. Ltd., Wickwar Brewery. It was probably one of Arnold Perrett & Co’s most prestigious pubs.

Landlords at the Gloucester Hotel include:

1856 Uwy Andrew Harrison

1885 John Kirby Shrimpton

1893 W. Danks

1902 Henry J. Radford

1906 Walter Danks

1919 Henry George Kloss

1927,1939 Roland King

1957 Reginald E.C. Hale

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