Gloucester Journal, November 1885: City Police. Edward Thompson, Thomas Brookes and John Harman were charged with stealing a ham, value 12 shillings, belonging to Thomas Pierce of the Globe Inn. They all pleaded guilty and Thompson said it was a drunken freak. They were sentenced to 21 days hard labour.

The Globe Inn was renamed from the Union Jack c.1822.

The approximate site of the Globe Inn

The 1936 reference to the Globe Inn lists it as 1 Quay Street.

Landlords at the Globe Inn include:

1830 Mary Penton

1856,1859 Esther Maysey

1879, 1885 Thomas Pierce

1902,1919 John Dee

1927,1936 Herbert Lapworth

1939 H.G. Ingram

1957 F. Matthews

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