4 North Street in 1891 directory.

Young and Gilling are recorded as the owners of the Globe Inn in 1891 which they leased to the Cheltenham Original Brewery Co. Twelve years later in 1903 the Globe, a licensed beer house, was fully owned by the Original Brewery. The annual rateable value remained constant during that period at £20.5s.0d.

The Globe partly visible on the right behind the queue for the Cleeve Hill bus.

The Globe Inn closed in 1969 and was demolished.

Landlords at the Globe Inn include:

1878 Eli Merrett

1883,1891 Frederick Hooper

1902, 1906 Charles Mitchell

1919 Arthur William Painter

1926 Charles G. Hall

1927 Thomas Geo. Hall

1939 Charles Geo. Hall

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