The Globe was a Wintles Forest Brewery house. In 1891 and 1903 it had an annual rateable value of £30.0s.0d. and was classified as an alehouse. Closing time was at 11 pm.

When the Globe Inn was put up for auction by the Forest Brewery in 1923 it was described as a stone and rough cast building which consisted of a bar, private bar, smoke room and kitchen on the ground floor. There were six rooms on the first floor and outside the property were a ‘small yard, coal store, two W.C’s, Coach-house, stabling for three, with good club room over and a public urinal.’ To the rear of the premises ‘is a large garden, divided into four, but with no fixed boundaries, which is used by the tenants of the Globe, and the three tenants of the cottages adjoining. In this ground is a brick-built stable, coach-house, two W.C’s, wash house and pigsty.’

Ownership of the Globe passed to Cheltenham Original Brewery in 1937 and thence to West Country Breweries. A West Country Brewery ‘Best in the West’ plaque is still in place on the outside wall.

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The Globe was refurbished by Whitbread in March 1970, after being closed since the previous August. The ‘Forester’ newspaper reported in March: ‘A representative of the brewery company (Whitbread) said that the Globe Inn has now become virtually a one-bar house, with its attractive new bar a feature of the building. The inn has closed since last august when the license Mr Martyn Hale of Drybrook vacated the premises. The Globe Inn was then closed pending the alterations which began last November. The main contractors, Messrs Barnwood Builders of Gloucester, are still working on the site, but it is anticipated that the tidying up of the premises will be completed this week, ready for reopening next Thursday March 12th of this transformed public house. The alterations which have been undertaken on this public house have been extended to include the modernisation of the licensees private quarters.

The building, on the east side of the High Street, is set off the road and is still instantly recognisable as an old pub. It is was last in use as a veterinary surgery. (Globe Vets).

Landlords at the Globe Inn include:

1856-1859 William Organ

1871 Mary Ann Nicholas

1876-1878 Alfred Nicholas

1879-1881 Joseph Webb

1881 John Smith

1882 John Tingle

1882 John Mason

1883 John Smith

1885-1896 Milson Powell

1891 E.M. Powell

1902,1903,1906 Moses Harris

1919 Mrs Mary A. Harris

1927 Thomas J. Knight

1935,1939 Alfred French

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