Referred to as the Old Gate Inn in 1830 Pigots. The Gate was on the western side of North Street close to the junction with Back Lane. It had presumably been delicensed by 1891 as it is not recorded in the 1891 petty sessional divisional records. There is a later reference to a Gate Coffee Tavern.

The Gate Temperance Hotel. Courtesy Gordon Braithwaite

Although the pub closed down well over a hundred years ago the building is still easily recognisable as an old inn. It is now a private house called the Gate but retains an old iron bracket which once housed the sign.

James Adolphus Yiend, a farmer, occupied The Gate, North Street in the early part of the 20th. Century and his son Edgar Lloyd Yiend is in Kelly’s 1939 still in occupation of The Gate as a dairyman.

There was a sign at the Gate which read:

“This Gate Hangs Well,

And Hinders None,

Refresh & Pay,

And Carry On.”


1830 Charles Chadborn (listed as the Old Gate Inn)

1856 G. Lane (Gate)

1885 William Smith

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