The mill at Fromebridge was mentioned in the Doomsday book. The fast flowing River Frome powered the old mill where corn was ground for centuries. The mill was also involved in the production of woollen cloth.  In its latter days it was used in the production of animal feed. It became redundant in 1990. Work started converting the old mill into a pub in the autumn of 1998. The contractors restored the mill to its original state spending one and a half million pounds in the process. The Fromebridge Mill opened in April 1999.

Image Courtesy Dave Kirby

Map Reference: SO 769073

Owner in 2008,2022: Old English Inns (Greene King)

Landlords / Managers:

1999 Rick Briggs

2000 James Divall (manager)

2004 Paula Davis (manageress)

2005 Philip and Jennifer Gash

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