Number 2 Kingsholm Road in 1919 directory. The Fortune of War was owned by Godsell & Sons of Salmon’s Spring, Stroud.

It is possible that the pub previously traded as the Beehive Inn. There is a mention of the Beehive in Kingsholm Road in 1842.

The license of the Fortune of War was surrendered by Godsell’s Brewery so that ‘new premises could be erected at the corner of Calton Road and Ladysmith Road to be known as the Calton Hotel.’

Gloucester Journal: September 1880 – Mrs. Turner of the Fortune of War Inn, Westgate Street, (sic) Gloucester, was admitted to the Infirmary. She slipped on some orange peel, a broken thigh being the result.

The building on the corner of Calton Road and Ladysmith Road, Gloucester.


1859,1879  William Tilley

1885 Alice Amelia Tilley

1893 C.J. Collie

1902 George Richards

1906 Mrs S.A. Richards

1919 Charles Harcourt

1927 Frederick C. Butler

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