Gloucester Journal: January 5th, 1878: If there is any young municipality seeking to learn how not to conduct their business, we commend to their notice, as a warning, the proceedings of the Gloucester Town Council last Tuesday, when one member accurately described as “perfectly chaotic”. A column of descriptive criticism could not more pertinently characterise the unseemly squabble about the Fleece Inn at Wotton.

Gloucester Journal: February 12th 1881- Accident: On Monday afternoon Mr Wade (64), an ex-policeman, living at Longlevens, was riding in a cart drawn by a young pony, near the Fleece Inn, at Wotton, when the animal became restive, he was thrown out with much violence. He was conveyed to the Infirmary when it was found that his leg was fractured in two places.

The Fleece hotel at Wotton Pitch, off London Road, was demolished at the beginning of 1965 because of its poor structural condition. A temporary replacement was provided in the form of a ‘terrapin’ prefabricated building. This even featured in HTV news. The temporary pub had handpulled beer! Unfortunately the permanent replacement Fleece pub never materialised.

The site of the Fleece Hotel at Wotton Pitch

In December 1971 there was an outline planning application for a three-storey block of nine flats and garages on the site of the Fleece Hotel. It was made by Mr Thomas E. Teague for Whitbread Flowers Ltd, but turned down by the City Council’s Planning Applications.  Sub-Committee. The refusal was made on the grounds that it would result in over-development of the site with inadequate space about the building, which would give an unsatisfactory environment for the occupiers. It was also considered that the proposed development would present a cramped appearance within the street scene and detract from the visual amenities of the surrounding area.

Landlords at the Fleece include:

1830 Samuel Barnard

1856,1859 Joseph Seabright

1872 owner Agg-Gardner, Cheltenham Original Brewery

1879 Georgina Morse

1885 Edward Byan Wight

1893 W.B. Barnett

1902 Michael Buck

1902 John Thomas Organ

1906,1927 William Barrow Barnett

1936,1957 William Dunbar Edwards 

1965 Eric Jones

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