The Fish & Anchor was on the banks of the River Avon immediately behind the Riverside Hotel and Black Bear. The beer house was trading in the 19th century (dates not known at present). The customers were most probably fishermen and boatmen using the River Avon.

From ‘Tewkesbury Pubs’ by B.R. Linnell (1996 edition)

Until 1940 there was a slipway on the left bank of the Avon just above King John’s Bridge. It was a convenient place for fishermen to haul up their boats before going onto the Black Bear for a few pints. Mr Mann, late of the “Dog & Duck”, thought so too, so he opened his waterside pub in the house that still stands above the filled in slipway. This was in 1870. Fifteen years later Mrs Daffurn was the last known licensee.

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