The Feathers was located opposite the Anchor Inn. It is mentioned in 1830 Pigots Gloucestershire directory.

It was probably demolished to make way for the town’s first railway station which opened on 21st July 1840. The small railway terminus station had closed by 1864, when a new station on the Tewkesbury & Malvern railway succeeded it.

From ‘Tewkesbury Pubs’ by B.R. Linnell (1996 edition)

Full title “The Plume of Feathers” from the badge of the Prince of Wales. This site has been worked over so many times that the only possible location for any remains must be ten or twelve feet down under the shop opposite to the Anchor Hotel in High Street. It was an inn which was refused a licence in 1840 on the grounds that it had ceased to trade. since then the railway station has been built and pulled down, the Car Mart built and demolished and Queens Court put up on the site. First recorded in 1797 it could have been the earlier Pelican Inn.

Map Reference: SO 893329

Landlords at the Feathers Inn include:

1797-1798 William Bullock

1789-1804 Bartholomew Knott

1804-1812 Thomas Jones

1812-1821 Richard Fryzer

1821 Charlotte Preece (widow)

1821 Josh Fryzer

1830 Joyce Fryzer

1839-1840 Henry Insall

1840 Thomas Sharp

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