In the 1879 Gloucester Directory the East End Wine Vaults is listed at 25 Barton Street, a few doors from the Hope Inn. Five years earlier the premises was known as the Ostrich Inn (1873 Gloucester Directory). 66 Barton Street in 1936 and 1967


1879 James Phelps (Eastend Wine Vaults)

1885 Mrs M. Hyde

1893 E.J. May (Eastend Vaults)

1902 Charles Malone

1906 Ernest May

1919 Charles Davis

1927 R.R. Mabley

1936 W.E. Mustoe

1939 Mrs E. Verney Mustoe

1957 T.J. Townsend (East End Tavern)

1970’s Arthur Worrall (East End Tavern)

1977 Audrey M. Worrall

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