James Leighton was the owner of the Early Dawn in 1891. James Leighton lived in Ash Tree House in the High Street and was previously associated with the Albion Brewery in nearby Gloucester Road. Perhaps the Early Dawn was once tied to the Albion Brewery but in 1891 he leased the pub to the Cheltenham Original Brewery. At that time the annual rateable value was £17.0s.0d. and the Early Dawn was a licensed beer house. There was a £2.10s.0d. increase in the rates over the next twelve years, with a valuation of £19.10s.0d. in 1903. The Early Dawn was under the full ownership of the Cheltenham Original Brewery by 1903.

Numbered 265 in 1900. The Early Dawn was situated on the western corner of Park Street. The pub closed in 1923.

For many years Tartaglia’s Cotswold Ice Cream occupied the site of the Early Dawn. It is now the building that houses the Wah Dou Chinese Takeaway incorporating a shuttered business on the corner of the High Street and Park Street.

Landlords at the Early Dawn include:

1870 Peter Gardner

1878 Charles James

1891 Charles Stroud

1903 James Brown

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