The Duke of Brunswick was situated on the eastern side of the junction with Brunswick Street, recessed slightly from St Pauls Road.  It was almost opposite the Engineers Arms and across the road from the old St Pauls School. A few doors further down Brunswick Street was another pub – The Brunswick Arms. In the 1939 Kelly’s Directory the address is given as 57 St Pauls Road, and that address is current today.  The Duke of Brunswick closed in 1968.

The building still exists and has seen many usages since it was licensed as a pub. It was used as a launderette, then it was converted into a shop – Silver Birch Stores. The business (Bites) has now closed. The rather plain and run-down exterior of today bears no relation to the Duke of Brunswick Inn in its heyday.

The delightfully named William Nott Davies Morgan was the owner and occupier of the Duke of Brunswick in 1870 and 1878, as recorded in contemporary directories. However, he passed away shortly afterwards as the 1891 licensing book give details that Duke of Brunswick was owned by the representatives of William N. Morgan. The next owner was Emily Augusta Palmer who is listed in the 1903 revised list of licensed properties. The annual rateable value of the Duke of Brunswick, a licensed beer house, was set at £21.5s.0d. The pub traded free of brewery tie in 1891 and 1903. The pub was in the ownership of the Stroud Brewery Company by 1912.

Landlords at the Duke of Brunswick Inn include:

1870,1878 William Nott Davies Morgan

1883,1891 John Palmer

1902,1906 Mrs Emily Augusta Palmer

1912 Mr N. Tyrell

1919 Samuel Henson

1939 George E. Fletcher

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