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67 Barton Street in 1885 directory and 45 Barton Street in 1939 street directory. Now 103 Eastgate Street.

Gloucester Journal: September 22nd, 1877 – Barton Fair: This annual fair, the so-called “pleasure” part of which is a disgrace to the Corporation which permits it, takes place on Friday. Yesterday an application was made to the City magistrates by the landlord of the Crown & Thistle, Barton Street, for an extension of hours on fair night. The Bench considered the matter and decided not to grant any extension of hours, either on the fair night or on the “mop” nights.

Steam Rock Cafe to the left, Crown & Thistle to the right. Image (Facebook Post) Steve Brough.

Extract from Hubert Browning’s Skittle Report: Gloucester Journal – Saturday September 17th 1977: “We have already had to find a new home for those clubs who played at the Crown & Thistle, which has now been closed due to the illness of Mr Partridge who will be unable to carry on.”

Landlords at the Crown & Thistle include:

1830 Jane Collerick

1856, 1859 Conway Whithorn Lovesy

1879,1885 George Hood

1893 B. Sewell

1902 William Lane

1906 Joseph Bishop

1907 H.J. Harris

1919 Mrs E.B. Thursfield

1927 Mrs E. Cooper

1936 T.F. Vickery

1939 William H. Walding

1957 F.G. Partridge

1999 Tim Andrews

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