The Crown and Sceptre was located on the eastern side of the Lydbrook valley, just below Holy Jesus Church on Church Hill. Situated in a row of terraced houses overlooking the Jovial Colliers, the building is instantly recognisable as an old pub by its double bay windows. In recent years the property has been refurbished and replacement frosted windows have been installed bearing the name of the Crown & Sceptre.

With an annual rateable value of £14.0s.0d, the Crown & Sceptre was designated beer house status in 1891 and 1903 and closed at 10 pm. Thomas Stevens was the owner and occupier in 1891, with ownership passing to Scoble & Stephens in 1903. Presumably the difference of spelling of the surname is an administrative error. Throughout the twelve years from 1891 to 1903 the Crown & Sceptre was trading free from brewery tie, but there is evidence that it was thereafter tied to Georges & Co, Bristol Brewery.

There seem to be no references to the Crown and Sceptre after 1903, which indicates that it might have closed by the time that the war had broken out in 1914. The pub was known locally as ‘the Flag’.

Landlords of the Crown & Sceptre include:

1863 John Jones

1876 James Jones

1879 Edward Stephens

1885,1891 Thomas Stephens (Thomas Stevens (sic) in 1891)

1903 Stephen Butt Lewis

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