The Crown Inn was located near the corner of the High Street and Heywood Road. It was possibly at 5 Heywood Road. The long serving landlady at the Crown Inn, Mabel Wilce, was also a dealer of antiques in the High Street. It would appear that the Crown Inn ceased trading before the outbreak of the Second World War. Tom Wilce was the last landlord.

The approximate location of the Crown Inn. Heywood Road looking towards the top of the High Street.

The annual rateable value of the Crown Inn was set at £27.0s.0d. in the 12 years between the Gloucestershire licensing books from 1891 to 1903. It had beer house status and closed at 11 pm. Harriet Smith was the owner of the Crown Inn and it traded as a free house.

Landlords at the Crown Inn include:

1869 Joseph Harvey

1872-1875 Samuel Hewlett

1874 Richard Smith (transferring)

1891,1903 Harriett Smith

1910-1912 Levi Wilce (died 12th January 1912)

1918-1935 Mabel Francis Wilce

Tom Wilce (until closure)

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