The Crown Inn is mentioned in 1756 but there are no further references. The Crown Inn had closed by 1861. Since then the property has seen a number of alternate uses including a Butchers Shop, Blacksmiths, Ice-Cream Diary and a musical instrument repair workshop.  It is now a private house. The owner of the property contacted me with the information that he had in his possession an indenture which referred to the building as ‘formerly the Crown’. He said that during renovation works a penny dated 1737 was found in the house, and in the garden a Civil-war cannonball was dug up.

When the pub was built, the Square did not exist and the frontage would have been on the High Street, with stabling in the attached barn. The building was constructed near to the Caudle (or Cold Well) spring, which is just a hundred yards or so away, providing access to fresh water (the spring itself runs underneath the property). 

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