The Crown Hotel stood on the western corner of Clarence Street and Market Parade. It was quite a substantial building. The Crown Hotel was a tied house of the Stroud Brewery. It must have been a popular pub for farmers and traders visiting the nearby Gloucester cattle market (on the site of the present bus station).

It was demolished in 1965 along with other properties in the area as part of the Kings Square redevelopment. The Wessex Hotel and Restaurant on the opposite side of Clarence Street / Station Road was not knocked down.

The site of the Crown Hotel

Landlords at the Crown include:

1870 Ann Webley (Crown Inn, Cattle Market)

1870 Elizabeth Allen

1879 Joseph Baylis (Crown, New Market)

1885 Miss Mary King

1893 Mrs M. Sibley

1902 Thomas Hamlyn Sherwill

1906 Thomas Herbert Waring

1919 Mrs M.A. Sibley

1927,1939 Edgar R. Denning

1950’s Mrs I Balchin

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