Cheltenham Original Brewery were the owners of the Cross Keys in 1891 and 1903. The premise license was for an ale house and the Cross Keys had an annual rateable value of £18.10s.0d.

There must have been a brewery at the Cross Keys because the 1856 directory refers to the Cross Keys Brewery. The Cross Keys was later acquired by the Cheltenham Original Brewery. 8 Townsend Place in 1844 reference and 8 Tewkesbury Road in 1939 directory. The Cross Keys closed in 1969 and was demolished when Tewkesbury Road was widened.

Landlords at the Cross Keys include:

1844,1856 John White (8 Townsend Place)

1859 John Phillips

1870 James Hogg (Cross Keys Brewery)

1878 Thomas Mayall

1883 J. Ponting

1891 John Lane

1903 Charles Taylor

1939 Ebeneezer Evans

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