175 Barton Street in 1936 and 1957 city directories. The Cromwells Head was on the corner of Barton Street and Sinhope Street.

July 2006

When E.W. Workman was the licensee the Cromwell’s Head was tied to Godsell & Sons of Stroud. The pub has been closed for many years and is now a shop premises.

Amazingly, the frontage has been little altered over the last hundred years or so. In the mid 1990’s the premises was occupied by Moonlight Tandori. The original wooden window partitions were still in place in 2006. There is a West Country Ales ceramic plaque still in situ on the Sinhope Street side of the building.


1879 J. Cox

1893 E.W Workman

1906 G.C.W. Workman

1936, 1939 Alfred Jones

1957 G.A. Jones

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