11 New Street in 1926 directory.  

Thomas Coombe is listed as the owner of the Crispin Inn in 1891, and twelve years later in 1903 Letitia Coombe is in ownership. Although the records show that the Crispin Inn was trading free from brewery tie as a free house, it is likely that the beers came from the Kemble Brewery Inn as Thomas and Letitia Coombe are also recorded as the owners of the Kemble Brewery Inn in 1891 and 1903 respectively. The annual rateable value of the Crispin Inn was £17.0s.0d. and it was licensed as a humble beer house.

I am grateful to Martin Edwards for the following information: On the 2nd August 1854 the landlord of the Crispin Inn, John Hawkins was fined for the early opening his pub on a Sunday. Hawkins later renamed the pub as The Gloucester House and in 1874 sold it to John Wood who became the new landlord. I think this pub was always a bit of a rough house as later dealings in court sometimes called its patrons as “Prostitutes and lower persons.” By February 1883 the licence of this business was transferred from Elizabeth Bennet to Alfred Oakley. In the August of 1883 a fight happened inside the and spilled outside of it and 55 year old John Robert Johnson was injured and quickly died. A number of arrests were made, but only a George Davis was tried on a manslaughter charge. I am not certain of the date but pub later changed its back to the original Crispin Inn. In a 1929 Cheltenham pub cull The Crispin Inn was one of those selected, I think it finally closed in 1930 after a compensation deal had been worked out. 

Courtesy Martin Edwards

Landlords at the Crispin Inn include:

1891 William Williams

1903 Thomas C.G. Jenkins

1926 Harry Turner

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