Flash flooding caused extensive damage to the Cotswold Grange Hotel in August 2006. Heavy rainfall caused nearby drains to block up and water and sewage seeped into the garden-level rooms and the basement. The owner of the hotel said: “I’ve never seen anything like it in the 40 years I’ve been here. It was like a monsoon. The water was coming up through the drains. It must have been 18 inches outside Then it started coming up through the shower drains into the hotel. It’s ruined the floorboards, carpets and furniture.” He added: It absolutelt hammered down for 45 minutes. That’s all it took to cause so much damage. Now we’re waiting for the insurance assessors to survey everything. It’s going to cost thousands, rather than hundreds, to put right. At least the upstairs rooms are all right so we can carry on with business as usual as far as they’re concerned.”

The Cotswold Grange Hotel was put on the market for £1,750,000 in 2007. The sale gave details of ‘25 furnished guest rooms with en-suites. Licensed lounge bar and restaurant. Car park. Catering and ancillary equipment provided.’

An arson attack caused the Cotswold Grange Hotel to be evacuated on June 10th 2012. A hedge by the hotel was set alight and Leylandii trees were burnt to the core in the blaze. A car parked near the hedge was damaged. The proprietor of the hotel said: “Everyone was okay in the end, but the hedge on the property was destroyed. Luckily somebody driving past had spotted the fire and contacted us and we got everyone out. The fire service got here quickly and it was all over in about 20 minutes, but we had 40 guests that had to be evacuated.”

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