The City Arms is listed at 9 Bell Lane in 1906 directory and 7 Bell Lane in 1939.  Number 9 Bell Lane is also the address of Godsell & Sons Gloucester branch. However I have conflicting records that might suggest that the City Arms was at one time tied to Arnold Perrett & Co. Ltd., Wickwar Brewery.

The City Arms on the left.
The White Hart on the Right. The sign of the City Arms is on the top left corner.

Bell Lane, which was formerly called Travel Lane, ran from Southgate Street to Queen Street but completely disappeared as a result of the Eastgate Shopping Centre development between 1966 and 1974.

Landlords at the City Arms include:

1830 James Thomas

1856,1859 John Tew

1879 Mrs Dunn

1885 James Charman (or possibly James Chapman)

1893 Miss L.E. Beard

1902 Hubert Hayes

1906 Miss Emma Lydia Beard

1919,1939  Fred Pegler

1957 N.C. Ramstedt

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