There is a reference to the Chequers in 1859 in Lower Barton Street. This section of Barton Street later became Painswick Road.

Gloucester Journal, 19th July 1884: A little boy named George Perkins, living near the Chequers Inn, Barton Street, in attempting to fire balloons at the Primitive Methodist Sunday School last evening, was somewhat seriously burnt about the face and neck in consequence of the spirits of wine unexpectedly igniting. He was taken to the Infirmary and detained, it being feared that his right eye was injured.

In the 1970’s and 1980’s the Chequers Inn was tied to Allied Breweries and had Ansells branding  The Chequers Inn had a bar, lounge and a double skittle alley.

In 2004 and 2005 the Gloucester Folk Club was meeting on the second Thursday of every month.

The Chequers Inn was demolished in January 2010 and houses have been constructed on the site.

Landlords at the Chequers Inn include:

1856,1859 William Driver

1870,1879 Mrs Beard

1893 Miss L. Franklin

1902 James Phillips     

1906 Louisa Franklin

1919 Mrs Louisa Palfrey

1927,1936,1939 Alfred George Fluck

1947 Mrs Fluck

1957 J.E. Attwooll

1982,1985 John and Barbara Attwooll

1993 (approx) Les ‘Bumble’ Jones (previously at the Sir Colin Campbell, Llanthony Road, Gloucester)

1998 (July), 2001 Andy Whitehead and Anne Hook

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