Hi Geoff

I am researching the notorious trio of highwaymen from Fulbrook, Oxon known as Tom, Dick and Harry Dunsdon.

In a newspaper article from the Oxford Journal dated 5 June 1784 it states that the gang went to Capp’s Lodge, a public house on the edge of Wychwood Forest. From the article I also know the barman’s name as William Harding and the constable who arrested the gang was Mr Secker from Widford. You’re probably thinking that as Widford is in Oxfordshire why am I seeking help from you. But in 1784 Capp’s Lodge was in Widford parish which was a detached part of Gloucestershire, that’s why the criminals were taken to Gloucester gaol and not to Oxford.

Capp’s Lodge has been variously referred to as Farmer’s Inn and Bird in Hand. What I am trying to ascertain is the correct name of the public house and the name of the licensee at that period. The location of Capp’s Lodge is about 1.5 miles from the Carpenter’s Arms, Fulbrook north along the A361 and then on the right hand side of the road.

Can you help?


Douglas Rudlin

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