Edgar Flower is recorded as the owner of the Cambridge Inn in 1891 which he leased to Flowers & Sons of Stratford on Avon. Was Edgar Flower a relative of Edward Fordham Flower who founded the brewery at Stratford in 1831? The annual rateable value of the Cambridge Inn was £38.5s.0d. and it was licensed for beer & wine only in 1891 and 1903. Flowers & Sons were the outright owners of the Cambridge Inn at the beginning of the 20th century.

The Cambridge Inn closed in 1969. It was demolished and a Littlewoods Store was built on the site. The retail unit is now occupied by Primark.

Landlords at the Cambridge Inn include:

1885 Donald Furguson

1891 John Franklin (owner Edgar Flower)

1902,1906 John Henry Bullock

1919 James Baldwin

1927,1939 Hy. Herbert G. Carrick

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