The Britannia was at the junction of St. Pauls Street South and Swindon Road. A reference in 1883 refers to the Britannia Inn, St Pauls Cross.

William Green was the owner and occupier of the Britannia Stores in 1891. It was a licensed beer house with an annual rateable value of £15.5s.0d. and it traded as a free house. Showell & Co., brewers of Oldbury in Staffordshire (Oldbury is now in the West Midlands) had acquired the Britannia Stores in 1903. The revised rateable value per annum in 1903 was £17.15s.0d.

The licence was refused in 1927 and it was demolished. Council houses were subsequently built on the site.

Landlords / Keepers at the Britannia Inn or Stores include:

1870 George Lloyd

1878,1883 William Green

1891 William Green (Britannia Stores)

1903 William Thomas Bowery (Britannia Stores)

1919 William Bowery (Britannia Inn)

1926,1927 Mrs Hannah Bowery

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