Numbered 7 St. Pauls Street North in 1883 directory. This is on the western side of the terraced street not far from Swindon Road. The present day 7 St. Pauls Street North is an ordinary terraced house with no indication to show that it might have once been a beer house.

Cheltenham Original Brewery were the owners of the Brewers Arms, a licensed beer house, in 1891 and 1903. The annual rateable value decreased for reasons unknown between 1891 when it was set at £18.5s.0d. and twelve years later in 1903 when it was £13.10s.0d.

Beryl Biggs, who was born in St. Pauls Street North, sent me the following information:

I was born in 8 St Paul’s St N and grew up believing it was a pub.  No 8 had wide grating out the back for rolling down the barrels.  No 9 had evidence of off licence inside the front door.  Never went in no 7. When studying an old map, it seems the pub was over7,8 & 9. When I lived there 50s to 70s,  No 8 had the entrance to the lane at the back (between 2 cottages).  Old map shows this to be no 7.  Same family occupied all 3 houses at one time.  I think the pub property was divided up at some stage changing the layout at the back where no 8 got the wide rear entrance.  Been researching this for a while now but never discovered when the pub opened and when it closed.

Landlords at the Brewers Arms include:

1859 John Paggatt

1870 John Morgan

1878 James Booth

1883,1891 Josiah Forty

1898 William Watson South He died there 16 Feb 1898,

1903 Samuel Harrison

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