71 Westgate Street in 1936 directory. The architecturally pleasing inn and hall were demolished in 1957. A photograph shows that the adjoining property (part of the hotel?) was tied to Arnold’s Wickwar Brewery. The site of the Booth Hall Hotel is now occupied by Shire Hall.

Booth Hall Hotel - Westgate Street, Gloucester

Gloucester Chronicle. February 12th 1870: Royal Alhambra Music Hall. Booth Hall Hotel, Westgate Street. General Manager – Mr Harry Anderton.  The following array of talent will appear on Monday next, Feb 14th 1870. Morisco and Eugene, the greatest gymnasts in the world. First appearance of Harbert Watson and Miss Sidney American Duettists. Great success of Frank Finch, comic and author. First appearance of Miss Jessie Rossa, serio comic from the Canterbury, London. Mr and Mrs Marriott and Young Harris in their comic sketches. Herbert Watson the original stump orator. Young Harris, the rising comic. Mrs Marriott danseuse. Doors open at a quarter to seven, commence at half past. Pilot boxes 10 shillings 6 pennies. Boxes 1s. Promenade 6d. Reserved Promenade in connection with stalls 6d. Body of hall 3d. Half price to boxes only at 9 o’clock.

Females of a class will be excluded!!

Gloucester Journal: May 30th 1874 – The Alhambra Music Hall, near the old Booth Hall, was totally destroyed by fire on Tuesday morning.

Gloucester Journal: September 9th 1876 – The skating rink mania has extended to Gloucester, and a new rink has been built on the site of the Alhambra Music Hall which was recently burned down. It is 117 feet long and 47 feet wide.

Landlords at the Booth Hall Hotel :

1830 John Rawlings

1856 R.W. Holtham

1879 M.E. Brunsden

1885 Thomas Henry Maslen

1893, 1906 Miss Margaret Ann Meredith  (Old Booth Hotel in 1906))

1919,1936 Ernest James May

and the adjoining Booth Hall Tap, 11 Upper Quay Street (1936 address)

1936 E.T. Marmon

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