Numbered 28 Lower Westgate Street in 1919 directory. In 1925 the licence was held by Richard J. Brown. His mother had held the license for forty years before him. It was referred to the compensation authority at that time: ‘Ind Coope had considered the question of structural alterations and believed the only thing that could be done was to rebuild.’ (2nd March 1925)


Gloucester Journal: March 13th, 1875 – The landlord of the Boot Inn, the Island, was charged with being drunk and fighting in his own public house. As he was presumed to be in his own home during the offenses, the case was dismissed.

Landlords at the Boot Inn include:

1830 Richard Powell Chandler

1856 R. Chandler

1859 Powell Chandler

1879,1906 Philip Sollers (1893 Mrs S. Brown)

1919 Mrs Selina Brown

1925 Richard J. Brown. Ind Coope & Co., Burton on Trent

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