Bentley’s is a late-night venue and it is debatable whether it should be included in the Gloucestershire Pubs website.


In February 2008 the ‘Gloucestershire Echo’ reported that Bentley’s ‘has been closed for six months, but has been bought by chums Alex Heslop, Paul Hatfield, Peter Parkinson and Robert Spratt. The old Champagne and cocktail bar is decorated in trendy taupe and grey.’ Bentleys website describes the venue as having an intimate interior and exposed brick walls, dark wood tables and low lighting that will make you feel as though you’ve stumbled into Cheltenham’s best kept secret. The emphasis is strongly on cocktails and on offer is 10 vodka shots for £12.

A controversial cocktail was on offer at Bentleys in 2013. The so-called Gas Chamber was being sold at £3 a shot. A shot of spirits consisting of Sambuca or Absinthe was ignited and a pint glass placed over the burning liquid to catch to fumes which were then inhaled through a straw. A bar manager said: “The Gas Chamber is one of our specialities. It’s quite popular and something which some of our customers have on special occasions. We have never had any problems with it and all our staff are properly trained so there is never any danger.” A police spokesman said: “our licensing officers and local officers talk regularly to local pubs and clubs and work with them to encourage responsible drinking.”  Chiefs for Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service added: “We wouldn’t encourage anyone to behave irresponsibly with flammable liquids as the way they behave can be unpredictable.”

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