The Bell Inn was tied to the Stow Brewery. The occupier in 1891 was Henry Lowther Barker, proprietor of the brewery. An advertisement in 1901 read: ‘Bell Inn, Park Street, Stow. Wines and spirits, ales and stout of the best quality. Every accommodation for commercial, cyclists, tourists and visitors, with every home comfort. Terms strictly moderate. Most pleasantly situated. H.C. Allen, proprietor’.

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Courtesy Michael Wilkes
Image: Gloucestershire Echo

Licensing Details:

Owner in 1891: Tied to Henry Lowther Barker

Rateable value in 1891: £14.10s.0d.

Type of licence in 1891: Alehouse

Owner in 1903:  Edward Augustus Green, Stow Brewery

Rateable value in 1903: £16.0s.0d.

Type of licence in 1903: Alehouse

Closing time in 1903: 11pm

Landlords at the Bell Inn include:

1856 G. Dowman

1885 C.J. Bartlett

1891 Henry Lowther Barker

1902 Henry Charles Allen

1903,1906 John Cleveley

1919 John Timms Martin

1927 Albert Victor Sandle

1997 (May) Mr Arthurs

2004 Amy Keyte and Kate Johnston

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