1 Union Street in 1927 directory. The Beaufort Hunt was on the corner of Union Street and Trinity School Lane. It closed on 10th February 1927 and was subsequently demolished.

Charles Garton & Co., Brewers of Lawrence Hill, Bristol were the owners of the Beaufort Hunt in 1891. Garton’s were taken over by the Anglo-Bavarian Brewery of Shepton Mallet in 1898, and the Beaufort Hunt became part of their expanding estate – a considerable distance from their Somerset brewery. The annual rateable value of the Beaufort Hunt was £15.5s.0d. in 1891 and 1903 and it was licensed as a beer house.

Landlords at the Beaufort Hunt include:

1844 Edw. Hunt

1891 Mary Stephens

1903 John Webb

1926 Mrs Emily Hampton

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