The Crown Inn at Petty France is first mentioned in July 1692 when it was owned by William Hurne. It was then described as an ancient inn. The earliest parts of the present Bodkin House have their origins in a 12th century priory which was destroyed by Henry VIII during the dissolution of the monasteries. The majority of the present building dates to about 1650. It served as a Coaching Stage from Bath to Cirencester and Stroud, and is mentioned in many accounts, most noteably Jane Austen in her book ‘Northanger Abbey. She is said to have ate and drank at the inn as a child. The stables are opposite, now converted to houses.

The Crown Inn is mentioned again in 1740 when Thomas Hurne was the owner, but around 1805 it seems to have been bought by the Duke of Beaufort. There is a reference to the Beaufort Arms Inn at Petty France being used as an auction house in 1834 (see Kings Arms, Didmarton). Not long after it closed, possibly as a result of direct competition with the Dunkirk Inn located a quarter of a mile further up the road.

By 1851 the property had been converted into five houses and The Beaufort Arms was in residential use at the time of the 1891 and 1903 licensing surveys of Gloucestershire.

It was sold again in the 1970’s and was returned to commercial use as the Bodkin Restaurant & Hotel. In 1984 it was re-licensed as Bodkin House Hotel.

Map Reference: ST 787855

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