The Bear Inn was located at the junction of Passage Lane and Back Lane. It was once one of the most prestigious inns in Newnham on Severn. In 1759 the borough and manorial courts of Newnham were being held at the Bear Inn. In 1837 it was offered for sale together with the ferry and a fishery. Petty sessions were apparently held at the Bear by 1856, but the inn had gone out of business by 1879.

The Bear Inn is now a private residence called Passage House. There is also an adjacent property called Bear Cottage that still retains raised plasterwork on the side wall, which probably once displayed the pub’s name.

Landlords at the Bear include:

1785 Daniel Edmonds (recorded as the Passage Inn)

1813 Roynon Jones

1835 William Orchard

1842 James Miles Robertson

1852 William Batem

1856,1863 J. Karn

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