The Barley Mow was located on the eastern corner of Stanhope Street (now Hope Street). In the 1919 Kellys Directory the address is given as 75 Tewkesbury Road. The Barley Mow was owned by the local Cheltenham Original Brewery and was a licensed ale house with an annual rateable value of £17.0s.0d. in 1891 and 1903.

The Barley Mow closed in 1963 and was demolished when Tewkesbury Road was widened into a dual carriageway.

Landlords at the Barley Mow include:

1844 Harvey Evans

1870 George Pitt

1878 T. Humphris

1883 G. Tyler

1891 Dinah Thomas

1902 David B. Foreman

1903 Albert Ernest Joyner

1906 John Harrison

1919 Josephine Sabatella

1927 William Hy. Hay

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