The Avenue is a large hotel built on the northern corner of Bristol Road and Tuffley Avenue possibly for the Stroud Brewery Company. It was valued at £3,275 in 1900. The proprietor in the 1930’s was Wymes Scanlan and at that time the Avenue Hotel was the Head Quarters of Gloucester Old Boys and offered ‘billiards and a fine bowling alley’. It is now simply known as the Avenue and is a tied house of Banks’s of Wolverhampton. (Marston’s Brewing Co.)  It was purchased from Whitbread in the early 1990’s.

Landlords at the Avenue include:

1893 J.J. Widdowson

1902 Mrs Mary Anna Sibley

1906 Walter Alexander

1919 Ernest Fowke Scanlan

1927, 1936  Wymes Scanlan

1957 Mrs. E. Scanlan

1990 Sue Black

1997, 1999 Mike and Vicky Taylor

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