Elizabeth Denly was the owner of Angle Stores in 1891. The premises was licensed as a beer house and had an annual rateable value of £21.5s.0d. The Angle Stores was free from brewery tie. The free house status was maintained in 1903 when Charles Forty was the owner. The annual rateable value had increased by just fifteen shillings to £22.0s.0d.

William Burge, occupier of Angle Stores in 1883, is also listed as a brewer. He had connections with the Somerset Brewery in Cheltenham.

The Railway Inn is in the middle distance, and part of the Angle Stores can be seen on the right. Note the Ind Coope & Allsopp signage.

Assuming that my placing of the Angle Stores on the junction with 65 Great Norwood Street and Andover Road is correct,  the name of the premises might be a reference to the old horse-drawn tramway that ran from Leckhampton to Queens Road which passed at an angle from Norwood Street (see the Railway Inn) into Andover Road. A single-storey wooden annexe of 65 Great Norwood Street is orientated at an angle that follows the line of the old tramway, and indeed Andover Road itself. Could this structure, which now houses Goose House Quilting (and previously Chantilly Dress Agency), be the old Angle Stores?

Not visible here, but renovation work to the property in 2021 revealed some evidence of sign writing in faded paint.

The Angle Stores closed in 1930.

Landlords at the Angle Stores include:

1879 John and Edith Gastrell (Angle House)

1883 William Burge – listed as a brewer

1891,1903 Charles Forty

1926 Frank William Cook

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