The pub might have been brewing its own ale in 1873 when it was referred to as the Alma Brewery. Numbered No 1 Victoria Street in 1936. In the 1950’s the bar at the Alma was for men only. Women were only welcomed in a snug at the back. The Alma Inn also had a skittle alley, which doubled up as a pigeon fanciers club where several birds were kept. The pigeons had to be removed and the alley cleaned up before a game of skittles could begin. The Alma Inn was still open in November 1975.

The Citizen: 19th November 1975 – Man smashed a £300 pane: Barry Ward, waged 32, heard that rumours about him were being circulated in a pub near his lodgings, so he threw a brick through a £300 plate-glass window at the Alma Inn, Gloucester magistrates heard yesterday. Ward, of Victoria Street, Gloucester, who said he had a serious drink problem, admitted criminally damaging the window belonging to landlady Mrs Mabel Mortimore. He was remanded in custody for two weeks for social reports.

Landlords at the Alma include:

1873 Thomas Clements (Alma Brewery)

1873 G. Curtis (Alma)

1879 H. Townsend

1893,1906 G. Curtis

1936 F. Jones

1957 Francis Jones

1975 Mabel Mortimore

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