Albion House is a Grade II listed building which was built in 1806. It faces Albion Street and was once the prestigious residence of a local solicitor. The house was then used for rental accommodation but the fabric of the building slowly deteriorated. In 1885 the Cheltenham Liberal Party acquired the property after raising capital through share issues. As the Liberal Club became less politically motivated it was opened to those with alternative viewpoints. This was found to be the only way to keep the club solvent. In 1993 the club was renamed the Albion House Social Club.

From June 2011 to August 2012 the Albion House Social Club was given a £750,000 refurbishment. The club manager said, “It’s to meet demand and it’s to show that Albion House is a club that is part of Cheltenham. We have put railings and slabs to coincide with how it used to look 100 years ago but inside we have made things bigger to cope with demand.” The club had to borrow money initially to pay for the skittle alley which they had to repay as soon as possible. The manager added, “The skittle alley made so much money that we could afford to drop our prices which in turn brought more people to the club.” In September 2012 the club had 1,600 members.

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