The Admiral Benbow was listed at 77 Westgate Street in 1856. The building and an adjoining shop were positioned in front of the line of the rest of the street buildings, and it was inevitable that the obstruction to free-flowing traffic in lower Westgate Street would ultimately lead to its demise to facilitate road widening at this pinch-point.

John Benbow was a Royal Navy officer (1653-1702) who was ultimately promoted to Admiral after his success in several campaigns, including fighting pirates, the siege of Saint-Malo and fighting the French in the West Indies during the War of the Spanish Succession (1701-1714). However, his reputation was tarnished when he failed to get the support of a few of his captains when he was commanding a squadron during the campaign and subsequently ordered the imprisonment or execution of many of his serving officers. Ironically Admiral Benbow did not witness the fate of his captains as he died during the trial.

Gloucester Journal: September 1890 – Unwelcome Visitor: A cow belonging to Mr Taylor, butcher, Barton Street, was being driven up Westgate Street on Monday afternoon when she took a fancy to the Admiral Benbow Inn, and after a short stay of 10 minutes visited Mr Butler’s shop, 101 Westgate Street. Having inspected the parlour she left by the front door, smashing in a door.

It is recorded that G Cummings provided materials for Home Brewed Beer in the 1850’s, the Admiral Benbow brewing its own beer. The inn was acquired by the Stroud Brewery Company but they relinquished the licence of the Admiral Benbow in February 1907 on the understanding that they could purchase a piece of land at the junction of Linden Road and Stanley Road. The Admiral Benbow was demolished c.1908.

Lower Westgate Street, December 2023. Somewhere in this vicinity stood the Admiral Benbow.

Landlords at the Admiral Benbow include:

1856, 1859 Thomas Madelin

1879 William Edwards

1885 Thomas Nilandof

1902,1903,1906 Walter Gardner

1907 Edmund Haile

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