“Carton Brewery, Hewlett Street. C. Dowle, Brewer, Malster & Coal Merchant.
Families supplied with beer in casks in large or small quantities.

X at 8d. and 10d. per gallon;
XX at 1s., 1s.2d., 1s.4d., and 1s.6d. per gallon;
XXX at 1s.8d. and 2s. per gallon.”

(1850) “Ale & Porter Brewers. Messrs Dowle Brothers, Brewers. Malsters, Hop and Coal Merchants. Carlton Brewery, Hewlett Street (Near St. John’s Church), Cheltenham.
Families and the trade supplied at any part of the town or country with genuine home brewed beer, in large or small quantities. Orders received at the brewery office.”

Charles Dowle, Carlton Brewery, Hewlett Street (1856)
Charles Dowle, 3 Carlton Place (1858-9)
Dowle & Co., Carlton Brewery, Hewlett Street (1863 Post Office Directory)

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