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Gloucestershire Pubsaims to document the history of pubs in Gloucestershire, both past and present. It is a website devised by Geoff Sandles and maintained by Dave Hedges, both members of the Campaign for Real Ale. The information is taken from archive documents, with particular reference to two old books listing Gloucestershire pubs in 1891 and 1903. Details are given up to the present day, but it should be stressed that the website is not intended to be a pub or real ale guide.

At the core of the website is the impressive pub database which contains details on thousands of pubs. The pub database allows you to put the selection of Gloucestershire Pubs in order by name - from the Adam and Eve to Zizzi, or by town and village order – Abenhall to Yorkley.

There is a useful search facility that will take you to a pub or location of your choice.
You can also use the search button to find surnames – there is an extensive list of landlords, and this facility has proved very popular with those interested in family history.

Left: A very sad sight. The Bell and Castle in Horsley in August 2010. Even the West Country Ales ceramic plaques from outside have been removed.

Within the pub database you will also discover hundreds of photographs, many of which have never been seen before.

There are other areas of the website too. A brewery database lists all known breweries that have ever operated in Gloucestershire, and includes those from neighbouring counties that supplied their beers to Gloucestershire pubs. There is also a list of pubs that still retain their ‘Best in the West – West Country Ales’ ceramic plaques.

There is so much to discover on this website. So pour yourself a glass of beer and settle down to the finest and largest virtual pub crawl that you have ever been on.

Geoff would love to hear from you if you could help contribute to the Gloucestershire Pubs project. Photographs, names of ex-landlords and general snippits of information are always most welcome.
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Good Beer Guide
The Good Beer Guide is published annually by CAMRA - Campaign for Real Ale.

Many of the pubs listed in the Good Beer Guide are also on these "Gloucestershire Pubs" web pages.

To seek out these pubs, your copy of the Good Beer Guide can be purchased here from the CAMRA website.

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