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Lower George Inn

Location: Gloucester

121 Westgate Street

Postcode: GL1 2PG

An advertisement in 1873 reads:

'Lower George Hotel, Westgate Street. Proprietor J. Powell. Wines, Spirits, Burton and Home Brewed Ales of excellent quality. Good accommodation for travellers. Beds and sitting rooms on moderate terms, Good stabling and lock up yards and coach houses.’

The smell of malted barley and boiling hops must have been quite strong in this area of Westgate Street as the Lower George was only a few yards down the road from the Gloucester Brewery which had premises in Quay Street backing onto Westgate Street.

The address of the Lower George Hotel is given as 60 Westgate Street in 1919 and 121 Westgate Street on renumbering.

The Lower George dates back to the 1500’s but it has a fine facade that dates from the 18th century.

The Lower George Inn was a Stroud Brewery pub and later sold beers from West Country Breweries and Whitbread.

In the early 1990’s  the Lower George Hotel was acquired by the Wolverhampton brewers, Banks’s and the building was tastefully restored.

Banks’s sold the Lower George five or six years later to the Little Pub Company (1997). Astonishingly the pub was painted a bright orange and green and the name changed to Mad O’Roukes – a pseudo Irish theme pub. The words 'Lower George Hotel’ were prominent in raised stone lettering across the pub between the first and second floors. This lettering was officially vandalised to read Low or Hot (Lower George Hotel).

Thankfully Gloucester City Council planning department intervened and the lettering was restored but the pub retained its ghastly shades of orange and green for a few more years. The pub is now owned by Inn Spired and is called Pig Inn the City.

Unfortunately the raised stone lettering has now been permanently covered over, but at least the orange and green paint has gone.


Phone: 01452 422031


1830 Richard Williams

1856,1859 Daniel Smith

1873,1885 James Powell

1893, 1902 Samuel William Langston

1906 Frederick W. Smith

1919 Walter Sturgeon

1927,1939 Ernest W. J. Meredith

1949 Hal Bagwell

1954 Mel Barnett

1956 (Oct) Thomas Turner

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